New Mexico County Opens New 24-Hour Behavioral Health Crisis Center

Officials in one New Mexico county have opened a 24-hour triage and treatment center to provide behavioral health services to patients in the area, the Albuquerque Journal reported. 

The Comprehensive Assessment and Resiliency through Excellence (CARE) campus began accepting clients Dec. 2. The goal is to capture patients who might otherwise end up in jail or in the emergency room — or who might be forced to go without care altogether. 

The new facility is in Bernalillo County, where Albuquerque is located. It’s the first of its kind in the area and has 16 beds spread across a number semi-private rooms, which can also be converted into private spaces, county officials told the Albuquerque Journal. 


The 70,000-square-foot previously housed the Metropolitan Assessment and Treatment Services (MATS) center, which provides substance use services for adults.

While the former MATS center will continue to operate at the same location and provide services such as detox, intervention and after-care programs, it now shares the CARE name. However, the detox programs will continue to operate independently, according to the paper.

Additionally, the CARE center is working with the University of New Mexico Hospital, which will provide a variety of on-site medical services and is also planning to build an larger facility in partnership with the county to supplement the current CARE campus.


Initially, the CARE center, which is funded by county taxes, will serve clients referred by UNM Hospital. Eventually, the goal is to also receive referrals from police officers, fire fighters, family members and self admissions. 

Patients will be allowed to stay in the center for up to two weeks, according to the publication. During that time, they’ll have access to a therapist and a case manager who will work with them on an exit plan, which includes addressing a number of needs related to social determinants of health. 

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