Evolve Treatment Center Opens New Residential Facility for Teens

Evolve Treatment Center has opened up a new residential facility for teenagers in the Bay Area.

The new program will provide 24-hour treatment services for teens struggling with a variety of mental health and substance abuse services such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, psychosis and more.

The 2.4-acre home, where patients are intended to live while receiving treatment, is located in Westside Danville, California.


Evolve Danville RTC will supplement Evolve’s other locations in the Bay Area. Currently, it has partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs in San Jose and another residential treatment center in Gilroy.

Los Angeles-based Evolve is a behavioral health company with various treatment programs for teens across California. It specializes in serving those age 12 to 17 and has more than 10 facilities across the state.

“As we advance up the coast to Northern California, we are excited to bring this highly effective treatment model to Danville and the greater Contra Costa County at large,” Lauren Kerwin, executive clinical director at Evolve, said in a press release announcing the news.


At Evolve Danville RTC, teens will have access to individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, addiction recovery support and more. The program will also offer dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to experiential therapies, which make use of art, music and other recreations.

“It is so satisfying to know that we can now offer these much-needed, comprehensive services in the East Bay, to a region where higher-level mental health services for youth are scarce,” Alexa Boffoli, program director at Evolve Danville, said in the press release. “These services aim to increase the use of healthy coping strategies, to manage and communicate intense emotions effectively and to develop more positive relationships in order to help create a life worth living.”

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