Little Leaves Behavioral Services Opens New Autism Center, Announces Plans for Others

Little Leaves Behavioral Services has its eyes set on growth: The applied behavioral analysis provider has opened a new children’s autism center in Germantown, Maryland. It also has new locations in the works elsewhere in Maryland, Virginia and Florida, the company announced.

Silver Spring, Maryland-based Little Leaves is a division of special education and instructional intervention solutions provider Catapult Learning. It offers applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to children on the autism spectrum and currently serves clients in the Mid-Atlantic region.

ABA is a type of evidence-based therapy designed to help teach certain behaviors, such as social and adaptive learning skills. Both the U.S. Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association recommend ABA as a best practice for children with autism.


Little Leaves’ new Maryland facility will provide intensive ABA services in a preschool-like setting to kids ages one through six.

The goal is to reduce their autism symptoms and help prepare them for school and other social scenarios. Each child receives a customized therapy plan, as well as small group and individual therapy and play.

While the center has already begun accepting new clients, it’s operating out of a temporary space, as it’s permanent facility is still under construction. Once moved into the new facility, the 10,075-square-foot center will be able to serve up to 40 clients at once.


Next on the docket, Little Leaves has “locations in Florida coming in early 2020,” according to a press release announcing the news.

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