Livongo, Magellan Health Partner to Accelerate Digital Behavioral Health

Magellan Health (Nasdaq: MGLN) — a managed care organization (MCO) — and Livongo (Nasdaq: LVGO) — a digital health management company — are teaming up to accelerate self-directed behavioral health care.

The strategic partnership will give Magellean customers and their members constant access to Livongo for Behavioral Health’s digital, self-guided services. The two companies will also work together to market behavioral health services and co-develop new product innovations, with the goal being to elevate the member experience and care delivery. 

Phoenix, Arizona-based Magellan is a managed care organization (MCO) focused on complex and special areas of health care. It dubs itself as one of the nation’s leaders in behavioral health. Magellan’s customers include health plans and other MCOs, employers, labor unions, various federal agencies and third-party administrators.


In a press release announcing the news, Magellan CEO Ken Fasola called the partnership “a key step in self-directed care that will pave the way for the co-development of a new model of digital care.”

“This is part of our commitment to re-invent the healthcare experience for members and bring increasing value to our customers,” Fasola said.

Meanwhile, Livongo is a digital health company that helps consumers manage certain conditions with virtual offerings. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the organization has over 1,300 clients, including more than 30% of the Fortune 500, several top health plans, health systems and government organizations.


Livongo is currently merging with the telehealth giant Teladoc. Last month, the pair announced a $18.5 billion deal to create the country’s first ever virtual care giant.

Historically, Livongo has focused on chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. More recently, however, it has made moves to offer a whole-person platform, with the addition of behavioral health. The company made its first strategic investment in the space early last year with the acquisition of myStrength, a Denver-based provider of digital behavioral health solutions. 

As part of the deal with Magellan, Livongo will offer consumer-driven digital self-care solutions through Livongo for Behavioral Health. 

Livongo for Behavioral Health covers more than 15 common behavioral health conditions such as anxiety, substance use disorder, insomnia and others. It’s available to users anywhere, every day of the year, at any time, day or night. The digital, self-guided solutions are centered upon evidence-based interventions and will supplement Magellan’s existing in-person therapy and behavioral health offerings. 

Livongo founder and Executive Chairman Glen Tullman said the strategic partnership is especially important in light of the COVID-19 emergency, which has taken a negative toll on the nation’s mental health.

“Livongo for Behavioral Health provides a consumer-driven digital self-care solution people need during these challenging times, while also amplifying the impact of Magellan’s in-person therapy and behavioral health care,” he said in the press release.