Behavioral Tech Company NeuroFlow Expands Partnership with U.S. Air Force

NeuroFlow has expanded its partnership with the U.S. Air Force, the company announced Tuesday.

As part of the deal, the digital health company will roll out its technology-enabled behavioral health integration platform at 11 different U.S. Air Force bases. The platform will help the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) enhance mental health care, identify at-risk individuals and adjust their treatment plans accordingly.

The goal is to improve the mental health and combat readiness of airmen, while also increasing their access to behavioral health resources, according to James Coates, vice president of marketing at NeuroFlow.


“There are some folks that are perfectly fine using a self-guided solution to help with their … depression or anxiety,” Coates told Behavioral Health Business. “But there are people, too, that need to be floated to the top. They need more support in person. … Being able to push them in the right path is really what we’re excited to be able to do. That’s what we’re signing up to help the Air Force do.”

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, NeuroFlow enables behavioral health integration and care collaboration at scale through technology. The digital health company has self-directed services available on a consumer-facing app, which creates user-generated data and reports it to providers, who use the information to guide patient treatment.

“Our ultimate mission right is to increase access to care and get people critical resources,” Coates said.


The partnership expansion comes after NeuroFlow was awarded a trial contract to test its platform at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado back in 2019. Coates compared that contract to a pilot period.

“The first agreement was basically an agreement to do research to see if this would be something they’d be interested in and that was viable for the Air Force,” he said. “Anecdotally, the feedback was positive.”

Coates said the Air Force was pleased to see how the platform improved care access and presented cost reduction opportunities, though he didn’t have specific numbers to share.

NeuroFlow is currently working on training personnel and rolling out its platform at the Air Force bases included under the expanded partnership. Plus, the tech will soon be deployed within a division U.S. Space Force, according to a press release announcing the news.

Meanwhile, the Air Force project hits close to home for NeuroFlow CEO Christopher Molaro.

Molaro, a West Point graduate and Army veteran, founded the company after observing gaps in the nation’s behavioral health care system — for veterans and civilians alike — following a tour in Iraq.

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