Tridiuum, AbleTo Partner to Help Behavioral Health Patients Get Care Quicker

Tridiuum, a digital behavioral health solutions provider, has partnered with AbleTo, a virtual therapy provider, to help connect behavioral health patients to proven, cost-effective treatment more quickly.

The goal is to tackle access to care and the shortage of behavioral health providers.

The collaboration will first focus on patients insured by a plan in Northern California. Tridiuum will start by screening those patients using its behavioral health index (BHI), which measures the severity of each person’s behavioral health needs. 


From there, appropriate patients are referred to AbleTo, where they virtually meet with a licensed therapist who develops a personalized, 8-week treatment plan based upon their needs.

AbleTo’s programs are grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The company offers users next-day appointments, one-on-one therapy, digital programing and more. 

Its programs have been shown to demonstrate measurable outcome improvements. In fact, AbleTo users report a 50% decrease in depression, anxiety and stress, as well as a 34% decrease in loneliness. 


AbleTo leaders hope to achieve the same impressive results with this partnership, according to a press release announcing the news.

“Our team is driven by a shared mission to deliver high-quality care with measurable outcomes to all of the patients we serve,” said Trip Hofer, CEO of AbleTo. “We’re pleased to work with Tridiuum and our healthcare delivery network partners to help more patients with our evidence-based, personalized treatment programs – and we’re confident that these joint efforts will improve the overall health and lower the costs of care for millions of patients.”

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