Headspace, Solera Health Partner to Expand Availability of Behavioral Health Offerings

Two virtual health care platforms are teaming up to expand the number of behavioral offerings available to customers.

The digital mindfulness and meditation company Headspace has announced a partnership with Phoenix-based Solera Health, which contracts with health plans and employers to bring virtual care services to customers.

The partnership gives Solera’s customers the opportunity to access Santa Monica, California-based Headspace’s meditation, mindfulness and mental training app. Headspace’s offerings will be part of a roster of options available to Solera’s payer and employer member populations.


“By partnering with Solera Health, members of an employer or health plan that purchase Solera’s mental, behavioral health, and stress program will now have the ability to sign up for and receive continued access to Headspace with the cost fully covered by their health plan or employer,” Sarah Romotsky, the director of health care partnerships solutions at Headspace, told Behavioral Health Business in an email. “This dramatically improves our ability to scale to members that might not necessarily be able to afford Headspace on their own and create an efficient channel with which to engage audiences we may not have reached previously.”

Solera dubs itself as the digital front door for users seeking various health services, giving them access to a host of solutions to manage their health and mental wellbeing. It has served over 200,000 users since it was founded in 2015 and raised more than $72 million to date, according to fundraising tracking site Crunchbase. Sandbox Industries, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, SJF Ventures, Adams Street Partners and HCSC Ventures are among Solera’s investors.

Meanwhile, Headspace has 70 million users in 190 countries and offers services to over 2,000 companies, including corporate giants like Starbucks, Adobe, Hyatt and Unilever. Since its founding in 2010, the company has raised more than $215 million in funding, according to Crunchbase, with money coming from investors such as Blisce, Waverley Capital, Times Bridge, The Chernin Group, Spectrum Equity and Advancit Capital.


The new partnership between Solera and Headspace comes as a growing number of employers have started to recognize that workers need wellness resources, especially as the pandemic has led to a nationwide rise in stress, anxiety and depression.

According to a survey released by Ginger earlier this year, 69% of employees said they believed their employers were not doing enough to meet their mental health needs. Of those workers surveyed who received mental health assistance over the past year, 95% said that it had benefited them at their jobs.

“Access to mental health resources is one of the largest barriers facing our society today,” Romotsky said. “As many folks know, the cost of provider mental health interventions is also prohibitive to many.”

Romotsky added that Solera’s platform, in particular, presents an ideal opportunity for Headspace to continue spreading the message of meditation and mindfulness to a wider audience.

“We are extremely committed to partnering with forward-thinking folks in the healthcare ecosystem — partnering with insurance companies, healthcare professionals, and integrated delivery networks,” she said. “Our healthcare partnerships such as this one with Solera brings us one step closer to making meditation and mindfulness mainstream from a clinical perspective, and continuing to solidify Headspace’s commitment to improving the health and happiness of the world.”

The Headspace offering will be available to Solera customers in select markets starting this summer and widely available in 2022, according to the companies.

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