Lyra Expands Internationally with New Global Mental Health Offerings

Lyra Health — a startup that helps employers connect their workers with mental health services — is expanding internationally. Specifically, the company has announced that it is making new preventive care and mental health coaching offerings available across the globe.

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, Lyra is a behavioral health unicorn with a reported valuation of about $4.6 billion. It serves more than 2.2 million members worldwide, getting mental health care to employees (and their family members) who work for corporate giants such as eBay, Uber and Genentech, among other companies.

Lyra partners with thousands of behavioral health providers to make it possible, then uses a special algorithmic process to match users with the most appropriate provider for their needs, based on each provider’s availability and skillset.


The new offerings add on to Lyra’s recent partnership with the global employee assistance program (EAP) provider ICAS, through which it supports more than 85,000 members across more than 180 countries.

As part of the international expansion, Lyra will make a broad portfolio of preventative mental health resources available to members across the world. Some examples include well-being tools, videos and solutions to help members navigate everything from stress to parenting. Called Lyra Essentials, the portfolio of content and resources will be created and tailored based on Lyra member utilization data as well as feedback from members and employers.

Additionally, Lyra will connect members across the globe to one-on-one coaching services, which are available via video and live messaging. In addition to the coaching, members will also have access to online tools and exercises to supplement their sessions.


The new international preventive care and mental health coaching offerings will be available to members in 2022, Lyra announced in a press release Monday.

To go with the expansion, the company has also announced a new global mental health digital platform to give international members access to all of Lyra’s services — from preventive care to medication and everything in between — in one place. Like with the new offerings themselves, the goal is to make the platform available in 2022, according to Lyra.

The international expansion announcement comes about a month after news leaked that Lyra Health had raised another $200 million in financing. Lyra confirmed the funding news in a separate press release Monday.

“Delivering mental health care for diverse employee populations around the world is one of the most pressing and complex issues for employers today,” Andrew McCarthy, head of corporate marketing for Lyra Health, told Behavioral Health Business in an email. “Lyra is committed to redefining access to mental health care for people everywhere, and this new funding will help Lyra accelerate our plans to deliver comprehensive, global solutions for our customers, their employees and families.”

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