Happify Launches Digital Therapeutic to Treat Both Anxiety, Depression

Happify Health — a digital, software-enabled behavioral health platform — has launched a new digital therapeutic to treat depression and anxiety.

Called Ensemble, it’s the first and only transdiagnostic prescription digital therapeutic able to treat patients with both conditions, according to the company. The evidence-based therapy tool must be prescribed by a clinician and is accessible via smartphone or computer. Using cognitive behavioral therapy, it teaches patients new skills and habits to help them manage their anxiety and depression.

In a press release announcing Ensemble, Happify touted the therapeutic’s ability to help providers keep up with the growing demand for services amid mental health clinician shortages. Additionally, the company pointed to the frequency at which depression and anxiety co-occur to further illustrate the need for the Ensemble.


Specifically, people with major depressive disorder (MDD) are 5.7 times more likely to have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) than people without MDD. And in a 12-month period, 20% of people with major depressive disorder also meet criteria for GAD.

“Ensemble has been designed as a single treatment that targets underlying processes that are common to both MDD and GAD,” Murray Zucker, Chief Medical Officer at Happify Health, said in a press release announcing the news. “Decades of research have established that psychological interventions, including those included within Ensemble, are helpful for both disorders. Additionally, our digital AI coach, Anna, has been trained by a team of clinicians, psychotherapists, content creators, writers, data scientists, and research psychologists to provide human alliance and connection, as well as a tailored experience designed to increase engagement for patients.”

Currently, patients with MDD or GAD are eligible to participate in a research study of Ensemble. Happify will use the findings from studies for regulatory and commercial purposes.


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