Virtual Ketamine Startup Nue Life Launches B2B Offering with New Partnership Program

Ketamine therapy startup Nue Life will offer its services to health systems, medical networks and prescribers in all 50 states through its new partnership program.

Dubbed Nue Network, the program allows partners to provide patients with at-home ketamine treatment and integrated therapy programs. In addition to the medication, the program also gives patients access to virtual individualized coaching and group preparation and integration. Nue Network is aimed at providers who treat behavioral and psychiatric conditions.

This new program also signals a shift in Nue Life’s model from a straight direct-to-consumer player to a diversified company with D2C and B2B offerings.


“Our program is designed to break down the cost and accessibility barriers that exist in the healthcare system through a forward-looking adoption of technology and novel treatment modalities,” Demian Bellumio, co-founder and chief operating officer for Nue Life, said in a statement. “Our direct-to-consumer model has allowed us to complete over 50,000 dosings so far but now, with the launch of Nue Network, we are making it even easier for patients to work through their primary care physicians and healthcare providers to gain access to our offering which has delivered tremendous results for those struggling through the healing process.”

Miami, Florida-based Nue Life offers health care organizations in its partner program an app-based patient tracking and electronic health record system. It also includes e-prescribing, pharmacy, compounding and medication shipment functions.

Founded in 2020, Nue Life positions itself as a mental wellness company. In April 2022, the digital health company closed a $23 million Series A funding round led by Obvious Ventures, with debt financing from Western Technology Investment, according to MobiHealthNews.


Ketamine and other psychedelics have come into the public spotlight as an alternative way to treat behavioral health conditions. In 2019, the FDA approved Spravato, a nasal esketamine spray for adults with treatment-resistant depression and other depressive symptoms.

Nue Life isn’t the only company to offer at-home ketamine services. During the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), the federal government relaxed regulations around controlled substances, which enabled licensed clinicians to remotely prescribe ketamine.

This gave rise to a growing number of players in the space. For example, at-home psychedelics company Wondermed landed $4.6 million in funding in June.
While proponents of ketamine treatment tout new research proving its efficacy, there are also a number of critics concerned about the medication’s safety and the potential for abuse – especially in the virtual environment.

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