Opya CEO Discusses Autism Provider’s Mission, Growth Plans

Story by Autism Business News freelance reporter Sam Greszes Jonathan Wright’s mother spent her life as an adolescent psychiatrist, helping to improve outcomes for young children with severe mental illnesses. In 2015, Wright took inspiration from his mother’s life’s work to found Opya, an organization based in California that seeks to provide better autism therapy […]

Creating Pathways to Address Behavioral Health Needs

As a licensed clinician deeply embedded in crisis work for decades, I have had an up-close view of how our healthcare system has evolved to address growing behavioral health needs. This firsthand experience tells me our society urgently needs comprehensive and connected crisis systems. Our community does not currently have the same infrastructure to address […]

Caron Medical Director: What We Get Wrong in Behavioral Health

For 30 years, we’ve been chasing a panacea for mental health, trying to find the right prescription or the right mix of medications as a substitute for comprehensive treatment. More and more, doctors prescribe medication alone, even though such medications should be supported by counseling. The lack of qualified therapists is compounded by insurance companies […]

Geode CMO: Why The In-Person Option Matters

With the end of the Public Health Emergency in May 2023, the DEA has set the stage for the return of the Ryan Haight Act by proposing rules, including requiring prescribers to have an in-person visit in order to write prescriptions for controlled substances. The DEA received over 38,000 comments on the proposed rules. The […]

Geode CMO: 7 Steps for Mental Health Startups to Regain Trust

Digital mental health is booming. Declining social stigma and the dramatic increase in demand of recent years have collided head on with the high barriers people have always faced when seeking traditional, in-person care. Given such a fundamental disconnect between supply and demand, private investors have been quick to seize the opportunity for innovation, as […]

5 Examples of Substance Use Disorder Companies Using Value-Based Care

Eleanor Health Founded in 2019, Eleanor Health is an addiction treatment provider based out of Waltham, Massachusetts. It was one of the 61 providers chosen for CMS’s New Value-Based OUD Treatment Demonstration in 2021. Since then, Eleanor health has received numerous funding rounds from pursuing its value-based care platform, with the most recent financing being […]

5 Mental Health Companies Expanding Into Value-Based Care

What is Value-Based Care? The concept of ‘Value-Based Care’ was coined by Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg in Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results. Traditionally health care has been fee-for-service, where a patient or insurer pays for a service. However, in a value-based care model, “Value is defined as the outcomes […]

Therapeutic Ketamine Providers Seeing Growth, But Guardrails Are Needed

Therapeutic ketamine providers are seeing growth and positive patient outcomes, but companies caution that the business requires guardrails as it expands. The drug ketamine was originally invented in the 1960’s as a surgical anesthetic for humans and animals. But ketamine’s dissociative and hallucinogenic properties meant people have also used it recreationally, and more recently, for […]

Ria Health, Monument See ‘Tremendous’ Growth in Telehealth Alcohol Abuse Treatment

In the last few years, telehealth companies providing digital treatment services for substance use disorder (SUD) have reported seeing “tremendous” growth. That list includes Ria Health and Monument, which offer digital treatment services for alcohol abuse disorder (AUD). Representatives from the two companies recently reported that membership numbers are up, as are the number of […]