‘There’s No Question’ Buyers Want In On the Outpatient Mental Health Space Post-CARE Counseling-Optum Deal

Optum owned Refresh Mental Health’s acquisition of outpatient mental health provider CARE Counseling was a bright spot in a slow dealmaking environment. Still, the transaction may provide insights into the near future of outpatient mental health M&A. The tie-up illustrates that interest in outpatient mental health dealmaking is still strong. It also shows that Refresh […]

What Cerebral, Monument’s FTC Fines Can Teach Other Behavioral Health Providers About Advertising Best Practices

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent actions against the digital behavioral health providers Cerebral and Monument are an expensive and very public reminder to all behavioral health providers to take caution when using digital tracking and other ad-tech tools. In April, the FTC released several complaints and orders, including fines and stipulations, to settle allegations about […]

Optum Behavioral Health Releases the First of Two Mass Overpayment Notices

A number of licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) across the country are facing a mass clawback effort launched by UnitedHealth Group’s (NYSE: UNH) services division, Optum. The company’s Medicare Advantage plans overpaid the LCSWs “due to an error within a claims payment system,” a representative of Optum Behavioral Health told Behavioral Health Business. Optum Recovery […]

Digital Behavioral Health Providers Poised to Deliver Coveted Outcomes Data, but Contracts Remain Customized

Payers and employers are moving away from a strictly fee-for-service model and looking for outcomes from behavioral health providers. As the transition to outcomes-based payment gains momentum, digital health providers might be well-positioned to partner with these entities because of their data-collecting capabilities. Behavioral health providers have traditionally lagged behind physical health providers when it […]

The Case for Palliative Psychiatric Treatment

Palliative approaches to psychiatric care may be happening informally nationwide and beyond, despite not being an officially recognized specialty. Palliative care prioritizes alleviating suffering rather than improving a psychiatric condition. Familiarizing behavioral health clinicians with the concept of “palliative psychiatry” and its focus on improving the quality of life for those with severe, treatment-resistant conditions […]

Expect Accelerated Growth From Two Chairs After $72M Funding Round

The San Francisco-based hybrid mental health startup Two Chairs has raised $72 million in a Series C equity and debt funding round. Led by the firm Amplo, the funding round also included Fifth Down Capital and other unspecified investors. Other investors that participated in the previous funding round included Goldcrest and Maveron. In total, the […]

3 Trends Guiding Architectural Design Trends for Autism Providers

Developing spaces specifically for patients with autism and related conditions offers unique design opportunities to help them navigate the built environment. How structures are built has a massive influence on the quality of life for people with autism. According to a 2021 scoping review by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, several […]

Autism Industry Grapples with Shortage of Experienced BCBAs to Fill Leadership Roles

The autism therapy industry faces a systemic shortage of experienced board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs). This pain point is forcing autism therapy organizations to think long and hard about how to find, keep and expand the impact of what few experienced clinicians, especially BCBAs, they need as leaders. Regardless of setting or type, the bottom line […]

Optum-Backed Refresh Mental Health Acquires CARE Counseling

Optum-owned Refresh Mental Health has acquired fast-growing outpatient mental health provider CARE Counseling, according to several sources close to the matter. The deal marks the second Optum-affiliated outpatient mental health acquisition in the last few years. In 2022, Optum acquired what was ostensibly the second-largest outpatient mental health company: Jacksonville Beach, Florida-based Refresh Mental Health. […]

Autism Providers Won’t Lose Their Jobs to AI, But They Could Lose their Jobs to Someone Using AI

Autism providers may finally be ready to embrace artificial intelligence for smoother and more efficient business operations. Several autism therapy insiders said their mindset around AI has changed from the proverbial when-not-if to something more along the lines of how and where. “Any technology or tech-enabled services that will drive efficiency for the caregivers, allowing […]