20% of Primary Care Providers Say They’re Incentivized for Behavioral Health Care

The majority of primary care clinicians say they want to provide more behavioral health care but need additional training tools and resources. This comes as more providers and payers emphasize the benefits of primary and behavioral health care integration. Nearly 40% of primary care providers (PCPs) are screening patients for behavioral health conditions, according to […]

State Hospital Investments Correct the Pendulum Swing From Too Many Psych Beds to Not Enough

State hospitals are on the rise. Several states are collectively putting billions into safety-net hospitals with ties to both the civil and justice systems. At the same time, the private sector struggles to convert demand for services into business opportunities. In the wake of Kennedy-era deinstitutionalization, public and private investment in psychiatric hospitals, which care […]

‘EmPATH’ Units Seek to Shatter the Behavioral Health Emergency Department Bottleneck

Health systems are seeing a steep increase in patients coming to emergency departments (EDs) for psychiatric conditions. However, the ED is often not the best place for patients in a psychiatric crisis. One major ramification of this increase is many of these patients can face a long wait time, causing a significant bottleneck in the […]

LifePoint Opens New JV Hospital Valley Springs; Summit BHC Launches 50-Bed Residential Facility

LifePoint opens new joint venture with Baystate Health  Behavioral health operator Lifepoint Health and nonprofit health system Baystate Health have opened a new joint venture Valley Springs Behavioral Health Hospital. LifePoint operates the Massachusetts-based facility, offering inpatient behavioral health services for teens and adults. It will include 150 private and semi-private rooms, as well as […]

Sabra’s Portfolio Is ‘The Most Diversified It Has Ever Been’ As It Moves to Add More Behavioral Health Facilities

Sabra Healthcare REIT (Nasdaq: SBRA) boasts its most diversified portfolio as it continues to invest in behavioral health properties. While most of the Irvine, California-based real estate investment trust’s (REIT) assets are in the skilled nursing facility (SNF) and senior living spaces, behavioral health now makes up about 14% of its asset concentration. “Our portfolio […]

How Intermountain, Geisinger and M Health Fairview Are Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care

In the U.S., it can often take individuals months to get appropriate behavioral health care. As a result, emergency departments across the country are seeing a massive uptick in patients seeking these types of services. Some health systems – Intermountain Health, Geisinger Health and M Health Fairview among them – are combatting this issue by […]

Acadia Makes Good on M&A Promise, Buys Diversified Behavioral Health Provider Turning Point Centers

Acadia Healthcare Company (Nasdaq: ACHC) is attributing recent revenue growth to favorable rate increases across service lines and decreasing wage inflation. This comes after a long stretch of workforce challenges and rising salaries. Those developments bode well for the behavioral health industry at large. “The labor environment continues to show signs of improvement, positioning the […]

UHS Behavioral Health Segment Sees Increased Patient Volumes, Lengths of Stay

Universal Health Services Inc.’s (NYSE: UHS) behavioral health segment grew in the second quarter, as patient volumes and lengths of stay improved at its acute behavioral health facilities.  However, UHS management deemed the company’s Q2 2023 earnings results for the segment a bit of a slowdown compared to recent performance.  Still, UHS is bullish on […]

Acadia, US HealthVest Seeing ‘Tremendous’ Strategic Benefits from Joint Venture Partnerships

Traditional nonprofit health systems have seen an enormous uptick in behavioral health patients. In turn, they are struggling to keep up with the demand. At the same time, many behavioral health providers are looking to grow their geographical footprint. As a result, health systems and behavioral health providers are eying more joint venture partnerships than […]

Universal Health Services Taps Oracle to Expand EHR System Across Behavioral Health Network

Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS) has tapped Oracle to expand its electronic health record (EHR) system across its behavioral health network. While the provider has used Oracle’s EHR in its acute care hospitals for a decade, expanding the technology into its behavioral health facilities will give it a unified system across the entire organization. UHS […]