Multi-Service Newcomers Challenge Outpatient Mental Health’s Market Hold

Outpatient mental health finds itself in a tricky position. On the one hand, society holds these providers up as essential to facing the mental health crisis, and investors have poured billions into the space. On the other, it is increasingly encroached upon by newcomers, which have potent business advantages. To make matters worse, outpatient mental […]

Avoiding Shiny New Toys, Achieving Operational Efficiency Critical for Outpatient Mental Health Companies

The behavioral health market has exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors and provider organizations have paid premiums to grow their behavioral health footprint. But, industry insiders warn that the outpatient behavioral health industry is a tough business. The success stories in the space will likely be the companies keeping their operations tight and demonstrating improved […]

Havencrest Plans to Corner Texas’ Outpatient Mental Health Market Via Deep Eddy Psychotherapy Expansion

Havencrest Capital Management is doubling down on its Texas-based behavioral health efforts, announcing a new acquisition. Austin, Texas-based Deep Eddy Psychotherapy Management LLC acquired Dallas-based Dallas Counseling Treatment Center Management in August. The move is something of an exception to Havencrest’s de-novo-focused plan for Deep Eddy. But it fits well with the Dallas-based PE firm’s […]

Converting Facilities From Skilled Nursing to Behavioral Health May Save Money, Time

When it comes to creating new behavioral health facilities, buying used may be a better bet than building new. Adaptive reuse conversions involve transforming buildings previously used for another purpose into behavioral health facilities. An increasing portion of the facilities adapted to behavioral health uses are skilled nursing facilities (SNF) or assisted living facilities. If […]

Inside Pyramid Healthcare’s Push to Add 400 Behavioral Health Beds by 2024

Pyramid Healthcare will undergo its first CEO change in its 25-year history at the beginning of 2024. Jonathan Wolf, who founded the company in 1999, will step into a board chair and advisory role. Jason Hendricks, the chief operating officer of Pyramid Healthcare, will succeed him. Sarah Deutchman, the company’s senior vice president of operations, […]

The Risk In Behavioral Health Integration When ‘It’s Not Top of Mind’ For Providers

Behavioral Health integration can be challenging in the current health care ecosystem. Health care organizations must continue to drive awareness of integrated care models, or referrals to behavioral health services will drop even in settings where behavioral health services are a part of primary care, Andrew Bertagnolli, national director of virtual behavioral health services at […]

Behavioral Health Urgent Care Models Can ‘Save a Lot of Dollars’ While Helping Patients in Crisis

The emergency department is often the first point of care for patients experiencing a behavioral health crisis. However, a trip to the ED is expensive for patients and payers and often isn’t the most appropriate place for patients. New models of behavioral health urgent care have begun to emerge. These models don’t replace EDs but […]

PE-Backed Hightop Health Launches Outpatient Mental Health Platform with Atlanta Acquisition

A new outpatient mental health provider Hightop Health has entered the behavioral health space. Backed by private equity firms JLL Partners and SV Health Investors, Hightop offers an outpatient mental health platform that uses an integrative and measurement-based approach to care. The launch coincides with the news of Hightop’s first acquisition. The provider has purchased […]

Resilience Lab Combats Affordability, Clinician-Shortage Issues with New Group Therapy Program

New York City-based Resilience Lab has launched a group therapy offering. The hybrid outpatient mental health provider grounds the service in measurement-based care for each group member, with evidence-based skill-building to address anxiety and depression. The service — covered by insurance — is offered through a pilot program in New York and New Jersey. Group […]

Mindpath Health’s New CEO Is Prioritizing Organizational Integration

Outpatient mental health provider Mindpath Health’s new CEO is prioritizing organizational integration. Stephen Farber, who was named CEO in May, said the company’s M&A growth improved its reach and left the door open for more expansion opportunities. But for now, Mindpath Health will zero in on bringing various parts of the organization into a more […]