Bridging the Gap: Behavioral Health Coaches Serve Unmet Need, But May Need Standardization 

In case you missed it, Behavioral Health Business has launched a new specialty publication for professionals in the substance use disorder space. You can subscribe to Addiction Treatment Business here: Subscribe today! The health coaching industry was initially focused on fitness and lifestyle goals but is now a common service line in the behavioral health […]

‘Pandora’s Box Is Open’: The Future of the Behavioral Health Industry Includes AI-Powered Chatbots

In case you missed it, Behavioral Health Business has launched a new specialty publication for professionals in the substance use disorder space. You can subscribe to Addiction Treatment Business here: Subscribe today! A “pocket penguin” tells you that you are loved, cherished and cared for. This isn’t a child’s TV show, it’s a mental health chatbot. […]

PE Wary of Serious Mental Illness Investment, But Venture Capital May Be Ready to Pounce

While private equity investors continue to look for new opportunities in behavioral health, there is one area that is still relatively uncharted: serious mental illness (SMI) care. Caring for the SMI population can be very challenging and requires a multipronged approach, as well as a robust patient engagement plan. Due to these challenges, SMI care […]

5 Mental Health Companies to Watch in 2024

After a rocky 2023, mental health providers are considering new approaches to growth and sustainability. In the wake of the bursting venture funding bubble and cooling M&A market, providers are taking stock of their assets and looking for new revenue generation. Some providers have opted for new partnership opportunities with public entities, such as state […]

‘I Never Thought of It as A Business’: Closures Reveal Shakiness of the Traditional Eating Disorder Industry

Residential eating disorder treatment facilities are becoming somewhat of an endangered species. Over the last few months, the industry has seen a string of closures. Patients and payers have increasingly opted for virtual care models, shrinking the pool of patients residential treatment centers could serve in the first place. That pool was small to begin […]

Investors Favor In-Network Behavioral Health Providers for Faster Growth, Returns

Despite the higher reimbursement rates from private-pay models, investors are shifting their focus to in-network providers who offer stability. In-network behavioral health providers have faster growth, quicker revenue cycles and better overall returns, industry insiders told Behavioral Health Business. Although developing relationships with payers can be hard work, it can pay off with investors. Private […]

Addiction Providers Embrace Harm Reduction and MAT, But Abstinence-Based Treatment Isn’t Dead Yet

The substance use disorder (SUD) treatment industry is beginning to move away from an abstinence-only approach to care toward harm-reduction and medication-assisted treatment approaches. Research demonstrates that abstinence-based SUD treatment is deadlier than no treatment at all. Despite shifts in the industry away from a concept of recovery that involves strict abstinence, providers say that […]

Bipartisan Support Means Substance Use Disorder Providers Are Immune to Election-Year Turmoil

Election years can be a tumultuous time for behavioral health providers, with policy priorities set to change with the potential transition of power. The substance use disorder (SUD) treatment industry can not only expect to be exempt from this turmoil but also enjoy more robust support from federal and state governments this year. Election cycles […]

Integrating Behavioral Health into Oncology Care Boosts Outcomes, Lowers Costs

A cancer diagnosis can profoundly affect a person’s life and impact their overall mental health. Roughly a third of all cancer patients also have a behavioral health issue, such as anxiety, depression, or a substance use disorder, according to research published in Translational Psychiatry. As a result, more payers and providers are looking for ways […]

‘Parents Are Desperate’: Parent-Led ABA Provides Tantalizing Remedy to Autism Therapy’s Challenges

Parent-led applied behavior analysis (ABA) could relieve some of the most crippling challenges in the autism therapy industry. However, complicated questions about funding will likely prevent the widespread adoption of this little-practiced care delivery model. Sometimes referred to as parent-mediated ABA, advocates and experts described this model as a return to the roots of ABA, […]