Inside Magellan’s New Senior-Focused Behavioral Health Partnership

Magellan Healthcare, the behavioral and specialty health care segment of managed care organization Magellan Health, has rolled out a new program aimed at helping seniors address social determinants of health.  In order to provide these services, Magellan Healthcare has teamed up with digital senior assistant and support tool DOUS. New York-based DUOS was founded in […]

Telehealth Could Become Second-Class Modality Without Careful Regulatory Action

Telehealth in behavioral health is here to stay. The behavioral health industry must now double down on efforts to ensure post-COVID era telehealth regulations don’t inadvertently make telehealth a second-class care modality, according to a panel at the Behavioral Health & Well-Being Congress. “We are in a chicken and an egg situation where if we’re […]

Inside Behavioral Health Care’s Remote Patient Monitoring Opportunity

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and similar technologies may help behavioral health operators track patients outside of a provider’s office. These vital data are key to a number of increasingly present market trends that have to do with bringing more data and greater objectivity to the practice of behavioral health. For example, the slow but inexorable […]

Why CentralReach’s Rapid Growth Reflects the Emerging Challenges of the Autism Services Market

Autism and disability services software provider CentralReach has seen rapid growth of the past year, largely due to the changing needs of its provider partners and macro-level trends. The success of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company additionally demonstrates the potential of billing and administrative tools to help behavioral health operators address the market challenges, especially […]

Despite Lackluster Operator Adoption, EHRs Positioned to Shape Behavioral Health Care’s Future

Electronic health record (EHR) adoption has skyrocketed in the last decade for the medical community. Yet behavioral health operators have been left behind. In fact, only about 6% of behavioral health providers are using EHR systems. Whereas, more than 80% of hospitals use the technology, also referred to as electronic medical records (EMR). The lack […]

Geode CMO: Behavioral Health Industry Consensus Critical to Advancing Value-Based Care

The conversation around outcomes data for behavioral health is decades old. But new advancements in data collection and interest in value-based care is bringing outcomes to the forefront. “Clinical outcomes are difficult in all of health care,” Dr. Ravi Shah, chief medical officer of Geode Health, told Behavioral Health Business. “I think it’s especially difficult […]

Why Behavioral Health Startups with Solid Value Propositions Could Thrive in a ‘Bear’ Market

Nearly every financial portfolio is showing signs of a bear market. Yet the possible downturn could be a ripe setting for mental health startups with a solid value proposition. The larger economic climate has begun to impact the behavioral health sector, with venture investment in digital mental health startups on the decline. However, this financial […]

Senior-Focused Provider WellMed Turns to Telehealth Partnerships for Behavioral Health Care

Roughly one in five older adults experiences a mental health condition, according to the National Poll on Healthy Aging. As a result, more providers are recognizing behavioral health as part of their overall health care strategies Senior-focused provider network WellMed is among the companies that have made behavioral health a priority. The San Antonio, Texas-based […]

Brick-and-Mortar Behavioral Health Providers Best Positioned to Weather New Telehealth Regs

Facility-based behavioral health operators may be better positioned to cope with changing telehealth regulations than their virtual-only peers. That’s because facility operators who use telehealth have the required building blocks to apply in-person treatment or telehealth as needs arise. In contrast, virtual-only companies must find other ways to partner or integrate with facility operators, according […]

6% of Behavioral Health Facilities Use EHRs, Incentives and Guidances Could Move the Dial

When it comes to electronic health records utilization the behavioral health industry is lagging behind physical health facilities. In fact, only 6% of behavioral health facilities and 29% of substance use disorder treatment centers use electronic health records (EHRs). That’s according to a new report from the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC), […]