Supreme Court Rejects UnitedHealth Appeal, Boosting Behavioral Health Providers’ Standing with Insurers

In case you missed it, Behavioral Health Business has launched a new specialty publication for professionals in the substance use disorder space. You can subscribe to Addiction Treatment Business here: Subscribe today! The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by United Behavioral Health to hear a behavioral health claim denial case. The case, titled D.K. […]

Employees Overwhelmingly Want Mental Health Benefits But Impact Still Unclear

Employer mental health companies have flooded the behavioral health startup market. This comes as employees now say behavioral health benefit programs are crucial for establishing positive workplace environments.  Conflicting research, however, makes it unclear how effective these plans are in practice. Further, with the market for employer mental health plans becoming increasingly saturated, only the […]

Investors Favor In-Network Behavioral Health Providers for Faster Growth, Returns

Despite the higher reimbursement rates from private-pay models, investors are shifting their focus to in-network providers who offer stability. In-network behavioral health providers have faster growth, quicker revenue cycles and better overall returns, industry insiders told Behavioral Health Business. Although developing relationships with payers can be hard work, it can pay off with investors. Private […]

Behavioral Health, Physical Health Coordination Top Priority for Cigna

Behavioral health and physical health integration continue to be a top focus for major payers nationwide. This morning, Cigna (NYSE:CI) hinted that coordinated care will continue to be an essential area for its health service division, Evernorth, in the future. “Behavioral care continues to be an area of focus, and there’s a meaningful opportunity for […]

Behavioral Health Key to Elevance’s At-Risk Strategy

Behavioral health is at the heart of Elevance’s (NYSE:ELV) plans to increase its at-risk offerings. Specifically, Elevance plans to focus on rolling out its Medicaid behavioral health offering focused on serious mental illness care. “We have new offerings that are whole health full-risk opportunities, like assuming full-risk in oncology, as well as in Medicaid with […]

Teladoc to Grow BetterHelp Mental Health Platform Via B2B Expansion

Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) is continuing to grow its virtual mental health platform, BetterHelp, by focusing on the B2B market.  BetterHelp has grown from about $100 million to $1 billion in revenue in the last three years, according to Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic at the 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. To accelerate growth, Teladoc […]

Court Sets New Parity Standard; United Behavioral Appeals to Supreme Court

The fight for behavioral health parity has momentum heading into 2024 following three major decisions at the appellate level. And the battle may extend to the U.S. Supreme Court following an appeal by United Behavioral Health. Three cases in this slice of the appeals court address how health plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income […]

84% of Americans Say Behavioral Health Parity Is Important

The majority of Americans believe in behavioral health parity and prioritize mental health now more than they have in the past. But they’re not so keen on paying higher premiums to get it. A survey conducted by the health insurance industry group Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness illuminates the popular demand for equal treatment […]

What Potential Humana-Cigna Tie Up Means for Behavioral Health

An industry-redefining merger of Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) and The Cigna Group (NYSE:CI) is reportedly in the works. The deal, if completed, would create a massive company that spans nearly every segment of the health insurance industry. It would also create a formidable clinical and health services division prominently featuring behavioral health. Late Tuesday, a […]

‘Payer Ghosting’ Further Straining Behavioral Health-Health Plan Relationship

Dating slang is helping behavioral health professionals describe a troubling evolution in payer relations. Payer ghosting. In dating, someone “ghosts” another person when they abruptly stop communicating despite previous interest. In this context, payer ghosting occurs when payers stonewall providers on claim reimbursement. This can be a trickier challenge for providers than the typical payer […]