Hospital CEO: Behavioral Health Care ‘Can’t be Ignored’

Long considered the stepchild of physical health, behavioral health care hasn’t always gotten the attention it deserves at traditional medical facilities. But now, striking statistics and troubling trends are catching the eye of C-suite executives at some of the nation’s top hospitals. In fact, addressing rising suicide and addiction rates is top of mind for […]

New Mexico County Opens New 24-Hour Behavioral Health Crisis Center

Officials in one New Mexico county have opened a 24-hour triage and treatment center to provide behavioral health services to patients in the area, the Albuquerque Journal reported.  The Comprehensive Assessment and Resiliency through Excellence (CARE) campus began accepting clients Dec. 2. The goal is to capture patients who might otherwise end up in jail […]

Federal Opioid Grant Money Can’t Be Used on Marijuana

The U.S. government says federal grant dollars awarded for opioid and other substance abuse treatment can’t be spent on marijuana. The news comes as the opioid crisis continues to rage on in states across the country — more and more of which now allow the use medical and recreational marijuana. While the drug is illegal […]

Another State Removes Prior Authorization For Medication-Assisted Treatment

Behavioral health providers in one state have come out on top in a battle to remove prior authorization requirements for opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced this week it would do away with prior authorization requirements for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) drugs in Medicaid plans, effective immediately.  […]

Recovery Centers of America Opens Two New Facilities

The Recovery Centers of America (RCA) has opened two new substance abuse treatment facilities: a medication-assisted treatment clinic and a 111-bed in-patient treatment facility. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based RCA is an addiction treatment provider with locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts. It has more than half a dozen in-patient facilities across those geographies, […]

Pinnacle Treatment Centers Opens New MAT Facility

Pinnacle Treatment Centers (PTC) has opened a new clinic to treat people with opioid use disorder (OUD). Elyria Treatment Services began serving patients late last month. The Elyria, Ohio-based opioid treatment center is Pinnacle’s ninth in the state, which has more than 25 Pinnacle programs total. Beyond opioid treatment, Pinnacle provides various substance abuse recovery […]

Where Telehealth Fails to Address Psychiatrist Shortage, Collaborative Care Can Help

Telehealth is often lauded as the answer to a common problem plaguing many sectors within the health care industry: a shortage of qualified workers. That’s especially true in behavioral health care, where treatment doesn’t always require a physical examination. In fact, behavioral health care often dominates the telemedicine field. Take Michigan, for example: NPR reported […]

MedMark Treatment Centers Opens New Facility

MedMark Treatment Centers has opened a new medication-assisted treatment (MAT) facility in the Cincinnati suburb of Milford. MedMark is a MAT provider that uses methadone and buprenorphine alongside counseling and other services. With nearly 40 programs nationwide, MedMark is part of Lewisville, Texas-based BayMark Health Services, a specialty health care company focused on providing treatment […]

Cocaine, Meth Overdose Deaths On the Rise

While the opioid epidemic has captured national attention — and federal dollars — in recent years, opioids aren’t the only culprit behind the rising number of overdose deaths in America. In fact, death by other illicit substances such as cocaine and methamphetamine are also on the rise, in some states accounting for even more fatalities […]

President Trump Donates Q3 Salary to Fight Opioid Crisis

President Donald Trump has donated his third quarter salary to help fight the national opioid epidemic, the Associated Press reported.  According to the White House, President Trump donated the $100,000 he would have received in Q3 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health “to continue the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis.” The […]