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Psych Hub

More than ever, people are seeking specialized mental health support. For many, finding the right therapist is hard. Psych Hub empowers those who treat mental health to meet this need by specializing their practice with evidence-based education, resources, and connection to clients looking for care.

Learn how Psych Hub helps your organization:

  • - Build competency in evidence-based interventions
  • - Boost recruitment and retention
  • - Provide CE credits for every type of license
  • - Match practitioners and clients

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Eleos Health

Through its proprietary voice-based NLU technology, Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into ready-to-use documentation and meaningful clinical insights— reducing administrative burden, alleviating provider burnout, and scaling value-based care. Health plans and behavioral health orgs using Eleos:

  • - Cut documentation time by 50%
  • - Increase workload capacity by 20% 
  • - Drive delivery of 30%+ more evidence-based techniques
  • - Automate data collection in support of value-based contracting

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Oxehealth’s innovative vision-based patient monitoring system, Oxevision, was co-produced with patients, nurses and doctors. 

Oxevision is made up of a suite of modules built specifically for the needs of behavioral health inpatient settings. It allows staff to:

  • - Visually confirm a patient is safe without entering their room at night and disturbing their sleep
  • - Measure a patient’s cardio-respiratory vital signs with a contact-free FDA cleared medical device
  • - Document therapeutically valuable digital observations
  • - Be alerted to high-risk patient activity so they can intervene proactively and prevent incidents.


Relias advances healthcare talent and improves healthcare outcomes. Our unique integration of best-in-class content with easy-to-use tools creates cohesive solutions that increase retention, elevate care quality, and reduce risk for customers.  

Discover how the Relias Platform can help your organization achieve its learning and development goals. You’ll learn how the platform helps you:

  • - Onboard staff
  • - Maintain compliance
  • - Provide continuing education
  • - Create more agile and skilled teams