‘I Don’t Think This Is Over’: Reactions to the Latest in Wit v. United Behavioral Health

The latest ruling in the Wit v. United Behavioral Health case disappointed many behavioral health parity advocates. On Jan. 26, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals released a ruling that essentially undid a favorable and sweeping 2019 district court decision on how payers may handle behavioral health claims. It also ordered United Behavioral Health […]

How Wit v. United Behavioral Health Could Impact the Future of Behavioral Health Parity

The behavioral health industry awaits a vital federal appeals court decision in a long legal battle between payers and operators. No matter the decision, the ruling in Wit v. United Behavioral Health will have far-reaching consequences for behavioral health advocates pushing insurers on reimbursement parity. The class-action lawsuit — originally filed in May 2014 by […]

Behavioral Health Industry Saw ‘Marked Uptick’ in FCA Settlements in FY 2020

Whistleblower lawsuits filed under the False Claims Act (FCA) were up last fiscal year, with the increase hitting the behavioral health industry especially hard. Those are just a couple takeaways from Bass, Berry & Sims’ recent 2020 Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Review. The law firm publishes the report annually to document health care fraud and […]

Providers Beware: Behavioral Health Fraud Investigations, Recoveries on the Rise

Most behavioral health providers agree it’s a good thing: The federal government continues to funnel more money into behavioral health initiatives, such as fighting the opioid epidemic and funding certified community behavioral health clinics (CCBHC). But as providers find themselves with more federal dollars, they’re also more likely to face increased scrutiny over their practices, […]