‘Unsophisticated Providers May Start Falling by the Wayside’ as VBC, All-In-One Models Grow in Autism Therapy

Nailing an all-in-one autism therapy model would be a huge boon for patients and provider organizations, but it’s not the norm. Several other segments of health care have consolidated different specialties into holistic systems that, at their best, do more than the specialties could do independently. At the very least, providers can then keep patients […]

‘The ABA Industry Is Maturing’: Autism Executives Predict Growth, Innovation in 2024

The year 2023 saw several autism therapy organizations make dramatic — sometimes painful — adjustments to an evolving marketplace. And the landscape is set to shift even more heading into the new year. While the echoes of the coronavirus pandemic fade, inflation and stagnant payer rates put the squeeze on providers. On top of that, […]

‘It’s a Copout’: Why Payers Shouldn’t Say Value-Based Care in Autism Therapy Is Impossible

Value-based care in autism therapy doesn’t exist in a meaningful way. Several industry challenges create an urgent need for innovation in payment models. Stagnant fee-for-service rates and workforce pressures are at the forefront of those issues. Common value-based care challenges, like tracking and quantifying value, have also stymied many conversations. Yet, this type of innovation […]

Long-Stagnant Fee-for-Service Rates in Autism Therapy Stunting Industry’s Potential

Long-stagnant fee-for-service rates in the autism therapy space could stunt its potential as an industry and lock out innovation.  With key exceptions, autism therapy providers across the board have seen payer rates trending flat for years with some payers attempting to push rates down, according to more than a dozen provider, investment, legal and accreditation […]

Autism Therapy Providers Tie Upskilling to Beating Turnover, Serving More Families

Staffing challenges in autism therapy are driving providers to invest heavily in training and upskilling registered behavioral technicians (RBTs). In recent years, inflation and a red-hot job market made hiring and retaining staff harder, especially for RBTs Further, investors have tied staff retention to the company’s value as an investment and as a provider of […]