Biden Administration Launches New Multi-State Social Worker Licensure Compact Program

The Biden administration has launched a new initiative focused on building a multi-state social worker licensure compact. The grant program could help boost behavioral health access by reducing the application burden for social workers. This could be key as the behavioral health industry faces a notoriously tight labor market. State licensure compacts allow providers to […]

‘Diversification of Revenue is Always a Smart Strategy’: One-Stop-Shop Strategy Gains Traction in Behavioral Health Sector

The days of behavioral health operators providing a single service may be numbered. Today, many payers and patients prioritize providers with a full continuum of care that can meet various needs. Making a behavioral health provider a one-stop shop can mean providing patients with a comprehensive range of care options to access higher and lower […]

For-Profit vs. Nonprofit: Factors Driving Behavioral Health Provider Growth Strategies

The distribution of for-profit and nonprofit behavioral health organizations varies widely across the U.S. Some states have high percentages of for-profit providers, such as North Carolina, with 51%. In contrast, others, like North Dakota, rely almost exclusively on nonprofit and government-operated organizations. Regulatory, economic and demographic factors may explain differences in for-profit and nonprofit provider […]

Inside The Competitive But Fragmented World of IDD Dealmaking

The intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) field may be one of the most complex and fragmented segments of the behavioral health industry. That has not prevented IDD providers, however, from driving an impressive number of deals. That includes both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. “Having run and operated within all verticals of behavioral health, IDD is […]

‘We’ve Got To Do More’: Providers Seek To Close Gap In Mental Health Care For Neurodiverse People

People with autism are four times as likely to experience depression in their life than typically-developing peers. Despite the increased risk, people with autism or other neurodiversities often face significant obstacles when seeking mental health care. Barriers like clinicians’ lack of specialty training, staffing shortages and pitfalls with payers often prevent neurodiverse people from accessing […]

Hopebridge CEO: Low Medicaid Rates, Inflation Costs give ABA Provider ‘No Other Choice’ But to Pull Out of Colorado

Hopebridge will end its applied behavior analysis (ABA) services and slash its footprint in Colorado due to the low Medicaid rate and rising operating costs. The Indianapolis-based autism therapy provider will close six out of eight locations, effective Aug. 11. The remaining two locations will only provide speech therapy and occupational therapy for children with […]

Digital, Retail Mental Health Services Are Straining Community-Based Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral health services offered by digital health and retail companies have attracted many patients with lower-acuity mental health needs. In turn, many community providers are seeing an influx of higher-acuity patients who need in-person services. This often means that community providers assign their clinicians a less balanced caseload, which some warn could lead to burnout. […]

Nonprofit Behavioral Health Providers Are Valuable M&A Targets, But PE Buyers Wonder Whether ‘Juice Is Worth the Squeeze’

In many ways, the behavioral health world is divided into two camps: for-profit and nonprofit providers. But as the industry matures and consolidates, the two are likely to interact more often – and they could even learn from each other. Moving forward, there is potential for more M&A opportunities between the two groups, with nonprofits […]