Roughly 75% of States Are Missing Core Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services in Medicaid

Most state Medicaid programs don’t cover all of the three core behavioral health crisis response services recommended by federal guidelines. Crisis response services play a vital role in alleviating constituencies that have heretofore struggled to address increasing rates of behavioral health crises, notably busy emergency departments and law enforcement. And the evolution of these services […]

Which States Have the Most Behavioral Health Medicaid Benefits

The bulk of state Medicaid programs cover services to treat substance use disorders (SUDs) and outpatient services, but few cover crisis care services. That’s according to a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), which included survey responses from 45 states about their health benefits. In the survey, KFF provided state Medicaid officials with […]

Why One State Is Pushing Back Against Medicaid’s IMD Exclusion

New York state hopes to strengthen and remake state-managed behavioral health care by getting around the so-called IMD exclusion. It’s doing so by securing federal Medicaid funds typically forbidden from covering facility-based behavioral health through its latest 1115 waiver amendment. On Jan. 5, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced New York applied […]

Behavioral Health Benefits Remain Key Focus for Medicaid Programs

State Medicaid programs continue to expand behavioral health benefits, especially for specific high-needs populations. Several states have rolled out new behavioral health benefits or enhanced existing ones. All the while, no states have plans to restrict behavioral health benefits during fiscal year 2023, according to a new survey of state Medicaid leaders from the Kaiser […]

Where the Mental Health Clinician Shortage Is at Its Worst

Approximately 130 million Americans live in 5,900 regions designated as having a mental health clinician shortage. New data from the Kaiser Family Foundation shed light on the disparity in mental health clinician shortage between states. At a national level, the United States would require about 6,600 new mental health practitioners to meet the demand in […]

Inside California’s New SUD Medicaid Program and Why Other States Are Watching

Deaths from substance use disorders (SUDs) continue to reach unfortunate milestones, and fewer places have been hit as hard as California. Now, more help is on the way to the nation’s most populous state, as America’s largest payor of behavioral health services has given the green light for providers to receive more addiction treatment reimbursements. […]

New Educational Initiative Aims to Boost Psychiatric Care Workforce

The demand for behavioral health services nationwide these days is strong, with more than half of Americans seeking assistance for themselves or loved ones. However, the supply of clinicians is not keeping up with the demand for services. In California, where a shortage of behavioral health care workers has made national news in recent years, […]

President Trump’s Budget Would Boost CCBHC, Opioid Funding — But Hurt Medicaid 

The Trump administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 Monday. On the behavioral health front, the budget aims to expand and extend the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Medicaid demonstration, significantly boosting funding to that program and a variety of others focused on mental health and the opioid epidemic. It also promises […]

Medicaid Expansion Associated with Fewer Fatal Opioid Overdoses

Medicaid expansion could be credited with saving the lives of thousands from opioid overdoses, researchers assert in a new study. In fact, states that adopted Medicaid expansion between 2014 and 2016 recorded fewer opioid-related deaths than states that did not, according to results published by JAMA Network Open. Medicaid expansion was born out of the […]