‘Unsophisticated Providers May Start Falling by the Wayside’ as VBC, All-In-One Models Grow in Autism Therapy

Nailing an all-in-one autism therapy model would be a huge boon for patients and provider organizations, but it’s not the norm. Several other segments of health care have consolidated different specialties into holistic systems that, at their best, do more than the specialties could do independently. At the very least, providers can then keep patients […]

DotCom Therapy Scores $13M for Virtual Services Targeted at Adolescents and Teens

DotCom Therapy (DCT) — a virtual provider of therapy services to adolescents and teens — has raised $13 million in a Series A funding round led by private equity firm New Capital Partners, with participation from LRVHealth and OSF Ventures. Founded in 2015, Madison, Wisconsin-based DCT provides teletherapy services for over 400 schools and health […]