‘They Won’t Rip Telehealth Away’: Digital Behavioral Health Companies Prepare for Industry-Shaping DEA Decision

November is fast approaching, and with it comes the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) proposed rule on telehealth and controlled substance prescribing. After a six-month delay, the federal law enforcement and regulatory body will release regulations that will shape the future of telehealth within behavioral health in the post-COVID era. It also has the potential to […]

DEA Delays Ending Controlled-Substances Prescribing Flexibilities, Buys More Time for Virtual MAT Providers

The Drug Enforcement Administration appears to have filed for a temporary extension of telehealth flexibilities beyond the public health emergency. This reflects an apparent reaction on the part of the DEA to the major backlash it faced during the public comment period for two rules it release that would reestablish austere restrictions on accessing treatment […]

‘This Is a Life and Death Matter’: DEA Faces Tsunami of Criticism on Proposed Telehealth-Controlled Substances Rules

The two proposed rules from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that effectively undue controlled substances prescribing via telehealth have received over 21,000 submissions so far during its public comment period. And the overwhelming majority of those comments oppose the proposed rules as presented. The DEA released the proposed rules on Feb. 24. The proposed rules […]

Therapeutic Ketamine Providers Seeing Growth, But Guardrails Are Needed

Therapeutic ketamine providers are seeing growth and positive patient outcomes, but companies caution that the business requires guardrails as it expands. The drug ketamine was originally invented in the 1960’s as a surgical anesthetic for humans and animals. But ketamine’s dissociative and hallucinogenic properties meant people have also used it recreationally, and more recently, for […]