What the Departure of 3 High-Profile Autism Therapy CEOs Signals About the Industry’s Fundamental Challenge

The transition of three high-profile CEOs within the autism therapy space highlights the pressure that top executives are under to defy the odds in the face of enormous challenges. Private equity investors’ expectations to meet or beat multiples set when valuations were previously sky-high are putting CEOs in positions that require them to achieve the […]

ABA Provider NeurAbilities Healthcare’s CEO Katheleen Stengel Resigns

The CEO and founder of NeurAbilities Healthcare, an autism therapy provider, announced her resignation.  After a five-year tenure at the helm of NeurAbilities, Kathleen Stengel stepped down from her role as CEO earlier this month, according to her LinkedIn.  “I have mixed emotions today—of pride, excitement, and yes, some sadness too—as I share my decision […]

‘It’s a Question of Diversification’: ABA Providers May Need to Become More Risk-Averse

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy has become one of the most notable behavioral approaches to autism treatment, offering different locations of care to fit the specific needs of patients. Capitalizing on ABA’s versatile modalities may be the safest bet when creating a sustainable business model. Patients with autism can receive ABA therapy at a clinic, […]

Having Multiple Care Modalities Pays Off for Autism Treatment Providers

The rate of autism diagnoses has skyrocketed in the last decade, shooting from 1 in 68 to 1 in 36, according to the CDC. Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy has become one of the most notable behavioral approaches to autism treatment, but there’s no one-size-fits-all modality.  Clinicians providing ABA therapy meet children with autism where […]

Autism Therapy Companies to Watch in 2023

Industry insiders projected that 2023 would be a year of reckoning for autism treatment providers.  The reckoning is here. Major platform companies have made significant stumbles, and workforce challenges still plague the industry. All the while, payers continue to hold out on raising reimbursement rates for most autism therapies. Instead, payers eye value-based care arrangements. […]

‘It’s a Copout’: Why Payers Shouldn’t Say Value-Based Care in Autism Therapy Is Impossible

Value-based care in autism therapy doesn’t exist in a meaningful way. Several industry challenges create an urgent need for innovation in payment models. Stagnant fee-for-service rates and workforce pressures are at the forefront of those issues. Common value-based care challenges, like tracking and quantifying value, have also stymied many conversations. Yet, this type of innovation […]

Long-Stagnant Fee-for-Service Rates in Autism Therapy Stunting Industry’s Potential

Long-stagnant fee-for-service rates in the autism therapy space could stunt its potential as an industry and lock out innovation.  With key exceptions, autism therapy providers across the board have seen payer rates trending flat for years with some payers attempting to push rates down, according to more than a dozen provider, investment, legal and accreditation […]

‘You Want Standardization’: ABA Field Plagued by Extreme Variation Among Providers, Payers

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is a relatively young field. Unsurprisingly, there is still a lot of variation when prescribing and reimbursing ABA hours. Each payer sets its own reimbursement parameters, and providers across the country each have their own assessments. While some industry insiders call for more standardization, others are looking to technology to help […]

‘A Year of Reckoning’: Autism Provider C-Suite Outlook for 2023

The demand for autism services continues to soar as rates of the condition rise. Yet in 2022, the burgeoning industry has faced a number of growing pains centered around staffing. In 2022, roughly 1 in 44 children were identified with autism spectrum disorder, according to the CDC. That’s up from 1 in 69 children in […]

How Autism Providers NeurAbilities, Stepping Stones Are Overcoming the Industry’s Workforce Challenges

Autism rates in the U.S. have increased substantially over the last decade. This has put pressures on autism service providers, which have struggled to find a workforce big enough to meet the demands. In response, autism service operators are employing new technology and training programs to help retain, recruit and optimize staff. At the same […]