The Collaborative Care Model Could Help Reduce the Total Cost of Patient Care

The collaborative care model (CoCM), which integrates physical and behavioral health services, may help reduce the total cost of patient care. That’s according to a new report from the Bowman Family Foundation, which zeroed in on research published by University of Washington (IMPACT) and the University of Pennsylvania/Independence Blue Cross (Penn/IBC) and Kaiser Permanente. “While […]

Behavioral Health Services 3.5 Times More Likely to Be Out-of-Network than Physical Health Services

Despite federal parity laws, new research shows that behavioral health clinicians are reimbursed at rates 22% lower than medical and surgical clinicians. A new study from nonprofit research institute RTI International may provide behavioral health operators with the evidence to meet with payers to boost reimbursement rates and increase patients’ access to behavioral health services. […]

Disparities Widening in Coverage of Behavioral Health Care Versus Physical Health Care

U.S. employees are far more likely to go out of network and see lower reimbursement for behavioral health services than for physical health services. Despite a nationwide push for parity, those equality gaps are widening, according to a new study. The report — published by Seattle-based actuarial and consulting firm Milliman Inc. and commissioned by […]