Low Reimbursements Threaten Behavioral Health Providers’ Bottom Line

Staffing is no longer the top issue facing behavioral health operators. Providers are now projecting that reimbursement and payment will be the biggest challenge for the industry in 2024. That’s according to a new Behavioral Health Business Survey, which included responses from 404 professionals who identified as working for organizations providing treatment for behavioral health, […]

Mental Health Executive Forecast: New Business Models, AI and Value-Based Care to Define Industry in 2024

The mental health industry is pivoting after the market’s rapid expansion related to COVID-era telehealth and increased demand for behavioral health services. Mental health providers are now seeking new methods of care, including AI-enabled tools, to improve existing mental health treatment frameworks, industry insiders told Behavioral Health Business. Mental health companies are also seeking new […]

Avoiding Shiny New Toys, Achieving Operational Efficiency Critical for Outpatient Mental Health Companies

The behavioral health market has exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors and provider organizations have paid premiums to grow their behavioral health footprint. But, industry insiders warn that the outpatient behavioral health industry is a tough business. The success stories in the space will likely be the companies keeping their operations tight and demonstrating improved […]

Why IOPs Might Be the Next Golden Egg for Mental Health Providers

Investment in mental health has exploded over the last five years. Still, there remains a large gap between inpatient care and outpatient treatment, which could be a business opportunity for providers looking to expand. Specifically, more and more providers are eyeing intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) to care for patients that need either a step down […]

How Community, Infrastructure Supercharge Growth for Behavioral Health Companies

Community and partnerships are key to many of the fastest-growing behavioral health companies in the U.S. Four of the burgeoning mental health companies, as identified by the Inc. 5000, have seen growth that’s typically the purview of young startups and tech companies. These companies have taken advantage of the massive supply-demand imbalance present nationally and […]

Here Are 20+ of the Fastest-Growing Behavioral Health Companies in the U.S.

Outpatient mental health and autism treatment providers make up most of the behavioral health operators that appear on the latest Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies. Seventeen of the 23 behavioral health operators featured on the list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies were outpatient mental health and autism treatment providers, according to a […]

Transformations Care Network Acquires Lightheart Psychological Associates

Boston-based Transformations Care Network expanded into its sixth state following the acquisition of Redmond, Washington-based LightHeart Psychological Associates. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Transformations Care Network, which was born out of a 2021 four-way merger, provides a wide range of outpatient mental health services ranging from adult and child psychiatry to ketamine therapy […]

Transformations Care Network Acquires Columbia Associates in Psychiatry and New Directions Counseling Services

Transformations Care Network, an East Coast-based network of mental health providers, has expanded its footprint in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania with the purchase of Columbia Associates in Psychiatry and New Directions Counseling Services. With the acquisitions, Transformations now operates over 25 clinics across Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Transformations also operates the brands […]

Four-Way Merger Forms Nation’s Newest Outpatient Mental Health Platform, Transformations Care Network

Four mental health providers have merged to form a new outpatient behavioral health platform with multi-state reach. The resultant company is called Transformations Care Network, and it boasts 23 outpatient mental health practices across four states, with more than 400 clinical employees total. NorthEast Health Services (NEHS), InterCare Psychiatric Services, GR&W Health and My Transformations […]