Investors, Insurers Embrace Outpatient Addiction Care, But Residential Care Is Far From Extinct

In recent years, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs have become shorter and outpatient treatment program options have become more popular. Residential inpatient treatment programs, often more expensive than outpatient options, may be going out of vogue among payers and investors. Still, patients will always need an option for residential care, industry insiders told Addiction […]

Addiction Providers Embrace Harm Reduction and MAT, But Abstinence-Based Treatment Isn’t Dead Yet

The substance use disorder (SUD) treatment industry is beginning to move away from an abstinence-only approach to care toward harm-reduction and medication-assisted treatment approaches. Research demonstrates that abstinence-based SUD treatment is deadlier than no treatment at all. Despite shifts in the industry away from a concept of recovery that involves strict abstinence, providers say that […]

Voices: Jessica Fear, SVP of Behavioral Health, VNS Health

This article is sponsored by VNS Health. In this Voices article, Behavioral Health Business sits down with Jessica Fear, SVP of Behavioral Health, to talk about how VNS Health is applying industry-leading care management models to behavioral health today. She shares best practices for alleviating recidivism and rehospitalizations while reducing the overall cost of care. […]