Headspace, Microsoft Partner for New Teams Meditation Feature

The Santa Monica, California-based digital mindfulness and meditation company Headspace has teamed up with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) to bring a set of mindfulness exercises and meditations into the tech provider’s Teams platform. 

Teams is a business-oriented communication and collaboration platform that gives workers access to chat features, video meetings, file storage and application integration.

Microsoft’s integration with Headspace will launch in 2021, according to a press release announcing the news. When complete, it will allow people to secure meditation times from Teams during their workday, as well as during their virtual commute, another new Teams feature.


“We hope that by meeting people where they work, we can encourage prioritizing wellbeing and integrate mental health routines into all 24 hours of the day,” Megan Jones Bell, chief strategy and science officer of Headspace, said in the press release.

The goal is for the meditations to help workers reduce stress, improve focus and increase resilience. Sessions can be as short as 10 minutes per day.

Microsoft will be “patient zero” for the new Headspace meditation and mindfulness experiences.


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