Magellan Health, NeuroFlow Roll Out Collaborative Care Solution for Behavioral Needs

Magellan Healthcare has unveiled a collaborative care solution to improve delivery of behavioral health services in physical settings.

The service has been developed in partnership with NeuroFlow, a Philadelphia-based digital provider of behavioral care coordination services. Magellan Healthcare — which is the behavioral and specialty health division of managed care organization (MCO) Magellan Health (Nasdaq: MGLN) — made the announcement Monday.

The solution — which is provided through NeuroFlow’s platform — is designed to help primary care and specialty providers identify and manage low- to moderate-risk behavioral health conditions that are undertreated and underdiagnosed. By doing so, Magellan said that they hope to increase member access to behavioral health screening and care.


It has been estimated that nearly a third of Americans live in areas lacking access to behavioral health providers.

“Too many Americans live in behavioral health deserts – they have little or no access to care,” Magellan Health Chief Medical Officer Caroline Carney said in a press release announcing the new service. “Or, at best, they have access to a fragmented healthcare system, leaving key needs unmet. We must address the behavioral, physical and pharmacy needs of people through an integrated approach that augments the important work of providers and supports the member through their entire health journey.”

Collaborative care, in general, consists of treatment that combines physical and behavioral health services. Magellan’s new collaborative care solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify at-risk members, with real-time feedback provided and reports available on outcomes like symptom reduction and remission. The solution also contains other functions like an app, which provides self-care activities and personalized clinical content for members.


Through the app, members complete behavioral health assessments when at the physical location where they are rendered services. The solution logs the screening results into electronic health records, after which time a provider can discuss those results with members and offer collaborative care to those who are deemed at-risk.

“With Magellan’s high-touch clinical solutions complimented by NeuroFlow’s high-tech application, we can support primary and specialty care providers in identifying and treating members before damaging outcomes occur,” Carney added in the press release.

Magellan Health led a January Series B funding round for NeuroFlow that raised $20 million. To date, NeuroFlow has raised $31 million, according to fundraising tracking site Crunchbase.

“We are proud to work with Magellan to bring this solution to market and address the growing need for behavioral healthcare services,” NeuroFlow CEO Chris Molaro said in the press release.

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