Meru Health Debuting Mental Wellness Offering for Users Who Complete Treatment Program

Virtual mental health care provider Meru Health has launched a new year-long offering for graduates of its 12-week treatment program for various behavioral health conditions.

Meru’s post-graduate offering is an extended one-year program where alumni users can learn to practice new skills for dealing with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

“Our company mission is founded on empowerment and the belief that people, even when struggling with mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, can improve their mental health if they are given the right tools,” Erin Hartley, the vice president of clinical operations at Meru Health, said in a press release. “This belief is at the heart and center of the care we deliver.”


The extended one-year program consists of interactive webinars that provide such educational content as how to excel in life during stressful times, the science behind biofeedback and mindfulness practices, along with developing new and positive habits.

The post-graduate program is being rolled out this month, according to the company.

“Our monthly webinar series will be an additional tool to support our participants and help them stay on the right path and keep practicing the new skills they learned during our 12-week therapist guided program,” Hartley added in the release. “Mental health is like a muscle – the more you train it, the stronger it gets and the steadier it holds as we go through life’s inevitable ups and downs.”


Launched in 2018, San Mateo, California-based Meru Health offers a centerpiece 12-week program led online by therapists and psychiatrists, who guide users on ways to develop positive wellness experiences like healthier relationships, improved sleep patterns, effective mood management and healthy nutritional practices.

Meru Health also offers coaching support services for users experiencing mild anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as stress. Additionally, the platform provides users with chat-based coaching and peer support.

According to Meru Health, 75% of users no longer have anxiety or depression upon completing the program. Meru further contends that 85% of its users show significant clinical improvement according to PHQ-9 or GAD-7 assessments, which are behavioral health industry standards for measuring depression and anxiety, respectively.

“While improving access and engagement are important metrics, we should put more emphasis on the outcomes as we evaluate different mental health solutions,” Meru Health CEO Kristian Ranta said in the press release. “We should not settle for the poor outcomes the old standard of care delivers anymore.”

Meru Health has raised $51.3 million over its history, according to fundraising tracking site Crunchbase. The company’s most recent funding round was completed last September, as it hauled in $38 million in Series B capital led by Industry Ventures.

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