Behavioral Health Provider Pathways Buys Psychological Assessment & Intervention Service to Expand into West Virginia

Behavioral health provider Pathways Health and Community Support, LLC has announced its purchase of West Virginia-based Psychological Assessment & Intervention Service, Inc (PAIS) for an undisclosed sum.

The deal is expected to help Pathways grow its geographical reach to West Virginia. PAIS has seven regional offices and clients in 29 counties in the state.

“West Virginia fits perfectly in our service area with Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina… Washington, DC,” Jill Winters, Pathways’ CEO, told Behavioral Health Business.  “You can see how it really helped us with what we want, which is, of course, to continue to broaden our scale, and access, which ultimately we know is good for the client, and it’s good for the payers.”


An Atar Capital company, Pathways now has physical locations in 20 states and the District of Columbia and a team of 5,000.

PAIS got its start working in the intellectual and developmental disability space but has expanded into more general and family behavioral health services. Winters noted that Pathways currently serves all of these populations as well.

“We are slightly different than some other providers where you will see them just providing autism [care], and therefore they’re only interested in acquiring other providers who serve that population,” Winters said. “We’re different in that we serve across the board. We do the therapies, we do substance use, foster care, IDD care. I mean, we do it all.”


Focused on the outpatient services space, Pathways has made a number of acquisitions in recent years. In late 2021 the company acquired Human Resource Training, Inc. (HRCT), which delivers foster care services, social services and training to families and youth. In September the St. Louis-based company announced its purchase of Renew Consulting, a residential behavioral health company in Northwest Oregon.  

In 2020 the company picked up three Community Intervention Services (CIS) companies including, Access Family Services, Family Behavioral Resources, and Autism Education and Research Institute.

The company is looking to continue its growth trajectory in the future.

“In our company we’re continuing our business momentum with expansion and we’re bullish on the future of mental health outpatient services,” Winters said.

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