The Next Chapter for Mental Health Coverage and Business Models

All was relatively quiet on the behavioral health front for publicly traded companies in Q1, reflecting the typically sleepy nature of the first quarter for those seeking to wrap up old initiatives and start new ones. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not like nothing happened or there isn’t anything worth pondering. Quite the opposite, in […]

BetterHelp Holds Direct-to-Consumer Course as B2B Virtual Mental Health Rises

Unlike its virtual health competitors, Teladoc’s (NYSE: TDOC) subsidiary BetterHelp plans to focus on the direct-to-consumer marketplace. This tactic differs from its main competitor Talkspace (NASDAQ: TALK), which has refocused its efforts over the last two years on moving away from the direct-to-consumer market and towards more enterprise efforts. Others in the virtual care space, […]

BetterHelp Refunded Customers $93M in 2023

Teladoc’s (NYSE: TDOC) direct-to-consumer mental health subsidiary, BetterHelp, refunded $93 million to consumers in 2023. That amounts to about 8% of the company’s revenue, according to public SEC filings. BetterHelp saw its refund total increase by 15% compared to 2022. “BetterHelp regularly discloses the annual amount of refunds issued to members. Refunds may be offered […]

Teladoc CEO: ‘There’s A Lot of Untapped Potential Outside the US’ for BetterHelp Expansion

Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) is setting its sights on the international market to grow its direct-to-consumer behavioral health business segment, BetterHelp.  This comes after a revenue dip for BetterHelp in Q4 2023, which the company attributed to a decline in customer-acquisition yield. Overall, BetterHelp generated $276 million in Q4 revenue, down by $10 million from last […]

Top Behavioral Health Trends for 2024

After a tumultuous 2023, 2024 may be a steadier year for the behavioral health industry. While behavioral health deals slipped in 2023, Behavioral Health Business expects M&A to pick up this year as interest rates fall and the economy stabilizes. Still, the M&A craze of 2021 is unlikely, and mega deals will be scarce. This […]

Top Behavioral Health Stories of 2023: Bankruptcies, ‘Ghost Networks’ Shake the Industry

2023 has been a tumultuous year for the behavioral health space. Macroeconomic headwinds, including rising interest rates plus unrest in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, has slowed dealmaking. Additionally, many providers have struggled to raise more capital as investors tighten their purse strings. At least two major companies in behavioral health care have filed […]

Teladoc’s Behavioral Health Business BetterHelp ‘Decelerated’ After Period of Hyper-Growth

Teladoc’s direct-to-consumer behavioral health service, BetterHelp, has ‘decelerated’ coming off multiple years of hypergrowth. The organization is now focusing on balancing top-line growth, bottom-line growth, and cash flow. “After scaling rapidly to surpass a billion dollars of revenue last year. We have since taken a more balanced approach to growth and margin at BetterHelp,” Mala […]

Teladoc Doubles Down on Therapist Productivity Improvements, AI to Drive Efficiencies for BetterHelp

Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) is attributing its direct-to-consumer mental health business BetterHelp’s strong revenue growth to therapist productivity improvements. The efficiencies include more group therapy sessions and an emphasis on more digital interactions. “We’ve actually taken a number of initiatives to improve therapists productivity, ranging from group therapy sessions, to more digital interactions,” Mala Murthy, […]

Teladoc’s BetterHelp Gets Boost From Customer-Acquisition Costs Stabilizing

Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) attributed its direct-to-consumer mental health segment BetterHelp’s first-quarter revenue growth to an uptick in membership and stable customer-acquisition costs. In 2022, the telehealth provider struggled to keep up with the rising customer-acquisition costs, which were partly inflated by new digital behavioral health competitors. “Customer acquisition trends have remained stable year to date, […]