Urgent Behavioral Health Care Offers ‘Convenience and Access,’ But Providers Still Struggle to Get Regulatory Support

Urgent behavioral health care providers seek to build a market and regulatory framework that is still in its genesis. The fledgling segment of the behavioral health space presently lacks national acceptance at the regulatory level. And while a new mode of care will take some time for consumers to adopt, it fills several vital needs […]

Top 10 Behavioral Health Stories of 2022: How ABA Layoffs, Value-Based Care and Dealmaking Defined the Year

The year 2022 saw several growing pains and tough lessons in the behavioral health industry. Two years after the onset of a world-altering pandemic, the behavioral health industry saw adjustments and reactions to a lot of new developments. The industry did so while grappling with several of its chronic headaches such as workforce shortages and […]

Frontline Honors: John Lee, MIND 24-7

Dr. John Lee, Medical Director for MIND 24-7, has been named a 2022 Frontline Honors honoree by Behavioral Health Business.  To become a Frontline Honoree, an individual is nominated by their peers. The candidate must be a dedicated, high-performing frontline worker who delivers exceptional experiences and outcomes; a passionate worker who knows how to put […]

The Retailization of Mental Health in Urgent Care Has Begun

The creation of urgent mental health care in retail locations isn’t coming, it’s already underway. Huge players in the retail and health care space have already built a foundation for themselves to make mental health care more accessible. Over the last 20 years or so, urgent care blazed a new retail-like trail for physical health […]

MIND 24-7 Aims to Bring Retail Behavioral Health to the Masses, Wants to Become the ‘Starbucks of Mental Health’

MIND 24-7 wants to create a new proverbial — and to some extent literal — front door for behavioral health. And in the process, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based startup hopes to do to behavioral health what urgent care did to physical health.  The company, founded in May 2021, has developed a business model that features 24/7 […]