Inside Recovery Ways’ Newly Formed Multi-State Family of Programs

After more than a decade of running substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health treatment programs in Utah, Recovery Ways is expanding in a big way.

The private equity-backed provider recently announced the acquisition of four businesses across multiple states to create a new behavioral health network called the Recovery Ways Family of Programs. And already, it’s looking to add even more companies to that group.

The news is notable for a few reasons, chiefly among them being that, before now, Recovery Ways had only operated in Murray, Utah, where it was founded more than a decade ago and currently has three locations.


CEO Jaime Vinck attributed the growth to high demand, with the ultimate goal being to help as many people as possible access Recovery Ways’ high-quality, in-network treatment services. She said the company’s relationships with payers helped make it possible.

“Our services are needed now more than ever,” Vinck told Behavioral Health Business. “So what we decided to do was, we went to the payers and said, … ‘Where do you need the help?’”

Over the years, Recovery Ways — which is owned by Chicago Pacific Founders — has developed close relationships with most of the nation’s major insurers, according to Vinck. As such, the company boasts a number of in-network contracts with those payers and is even among the 5% of treatment centers nationwide that have been designated as top-tier platinum providers by Optum.


Vinck said the company’s payer partners helped it identify the new markets it ultimately decided to enter: Austin, Texas; Spokane, Washington; and the greater Seattle area. From there, it zeroed in on finding the right providers in those markets to purchase.

“As we look for partners, … it’s a two pronged approach,” Vinck said. “One: [We consider] where there’s a need in terms of geography. And two: [We consider] where there’s a clinical synergy and unmet need in treating a population.”

That process led Recovery Ways to the four businesses it ended up acquiring to create the Recovery Ways Family of Programs:

  • Omega Recovery, a technology addiction and mental health treatment center in Austin, Texas
  • Breakthrough Recovery Group, a provider of outpatient SUD and mental health services in Spokane, Washington
  • Colonial Clinic, also an outpatient center located in Spokane that treats SUD and mental health conditions
  • And Alpine Recovery, a dual diagnosis program in Arlington, Washington, just outside of Seattle

Terms of the deals were not disclosed. Initially, those companies will be under-branded with Recovery Ways, while keeping their same identity and logo.

“Some of our programs have a stronger identity and brand recognition in their geography, so as we sort through it as the months pass, we will determine which folks would prefer to be called Recovery Ways, and … strong, well-known brands, …. we would definitely keep them as their own brand.”

While the company only announced its initial acquisitions last month, Vinck already has additional growth on the brain.

“It’s more than in the back of our mind, it’s at the forefront,” she said. “And I’m talking with a number of folks right now.”

Vinck stopped short of identifying additional market targets and growth goals Recovery Ways has for the year ahead. However, she said a number of providers from across the nation are actively reaching out to her, looking to join the new family of programs, with conversations in various stages of development.

“It’s the hearty businesses that have made it through COVID, and now they’re looking to expand,” she said. “Those are all conversations that are happening as we speak. So we have something in mind [goal-wise,] but it isn’t set in stone. We’re just really excited about who we’ve been able to partner up with, what the potential is to serve communities and the other people that we’re talking to at this point.”

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