VOICES: Todd Haedrich, CEO, Oxehealth

This article is sponsored by Oxehealth. In this Voices interview, Behavioral Health Business sits down with Todd Haedrich, the new Chief Executive Officer of Oxehealth, to discuss how the company’s contactless patient monitoring technology is bringing behavioral health care into the 21st century. Haedrich also shares the three major datapoints demonstrating the effectiveness of Oxehealth’s […]

The Future is Now: How Purpose-Built AI Reduces Staff Stress & Stops Burnout

Burnout in behavioral health is nothing new. But today’s behavioral health organizations are facing a perfect storm of factors: a record rise in demand for services, jam-packed provider schedules, mountains of paperwork, the squeeze of staffing shortages and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of that has thrown the burnout train into hyperdrive. […]

AI in Action: Real-World Solutions to Top Care Delivery Challenges

Behavioral health staff members have a lot on their plate. The additional strain of documentation time should not be one of them. Fortunately, innovative technology like Eleos can make evidence-based behavioral care a reality, allowing clinicians, providers and networks to measurably and comparatively track treatment and progress. In this interview with Behavioral Health Business, Eleos founder […]

Reassured and Supported: How Oxevision Became An Extra Team Member at SummitStone

Facing a growing number of patients with complex needs, SummitStone Health Partners needed to find innovative ways to balance patient care with staff efficiency. The northern Colorado provider of behavioral health services was preparing to move its acute care facility into a building six times its then size, with a highly acute patient population. “We […]

How an Integrated Post-Acute Care Program Can Drive Better Outcomes in 2024

The patients who discharge coordinator Diane Williams sees coming to Genesis Detox in Brooklyn, New York, face complex health conditions that sometimes have relatively straight-forward solutions. People arrive with complex and chronic health care needs, often intertwined with critical daily living needs such as a lack of access to food, a place to sleep at […]

How Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Can Support Your Whole Organization

Clinical staff are the beating heart of every behavioral health organization. But the cards are stacked against them. “Staff have famously always been working hard to find ways to improve care, to make sure things are always getting better,” Professor Dean Fathers, ex-chair of the NHS Behavioral Health Provider and a Nottingham University Business School, […]

Inside the Technology Driving High Reliability and Staff Productivity

When Tracey Wrench was in the behavioral health trenches, what kept her up at night were patient outcomes and their connection to staffing challenges. But what kept her patients and staff up at night was something else. Acuity. “There are real challenges in terms of the complexity of patients, their presentations, the pressure on behavioral […]

Sleep Matters: Inside the Connection between Sleep and Mental Health

Behavioral health patients need their sleep. They also need to be checked on while they sleep to ensure their safety. This dichotomy is at the heart of the challenge that behavioral health providers face in their Q15s, or fifteen-minute patient safety checks, as these common psychiatric hospital practices can at times be counterproductive to patient […]

Voices: Will O’Connor, Chief Medical Information Officer, TigerConnect

This article is sponsored by TigerConnect. In this Voices Interview, Behavioral Health Business sits down with Will O’Connor, Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect, to talk about how workflow inefficiencies can have a significant impact on care coordination and patient outcomes for behavioral health facilities. He also explains how streamlined workflows can remove communication breakdowns, […]

Why One Behavioral Health Real Estate Pioneer Recapitalized Under A Non-Traded REIT Platform

For nearly two decades, CapGrow Partners has provided safe, secure and appropriate residential solutions for individuals with behavioral health needs. That makes it one of the most experienced real estate investors in the behavioral health space. Now, the company has taken the next step in its journey by recapitalizing into a non-traded REIT vehicle. For […]