Lessons from Summit BHC, Geode: How Behavioral Health Providers Can Build a Culture That Retains Staff

Behavioral health staffing pressures have eased since the crisis-inducing levels of the COVID-19 pandemic toward a new normal. That new normal is defined by heightened challenges compared to the pre-pandemic era. It is also defined by market and financial constraints, forcing the totality of the behavioral health industry to address the importance and power of […]

Clinician-Friendly Design Essential for Measurement-Based Care

Payers and providers are increasingly pushing for more measurement-based care in behavioral health. However, in order for the change to work, key stakeholders, including clinicians and other behavioral health providers, need to buy in. This puts the onus on operators to make it easier for clinicians to implement measurement-based care, and for payers to foster […]

Behavioral Health Payers and Providers Push Measurement-Based Care, But Clinicians Aren’t Buying In

There’s a big problem with measurement-based care in behavioral health that few are talking about: the fact that many clinicians are highly skeptical of payers. While most therapists use clinical assessments to care for patients, many are concerned about privacy and how health plans will use the data that’s shared with them. These attitudes come […]

Geode CMO: Why The In-Person Option Matters

With the end of the Public Health Emergency in May 2023, the DEA has set the stage for the return of the Ryan Haight Act by proposing rules, including requiring prescribers to have an in-person visit in order to write prescriptions for controlled substances. The DEA received over 38,000 comments on the proposed rules. The […]

Risky Business: The Build-Versus-Buy Crossroads for Mental Health Companies

As economic headwinds make smaller tuck-in mental health deals an appealing prospect in 2023, some larger providers may opt to slow their M&A strategy altogether in favor of de novos.  Tuck-in acquisitions take time, vetting and money. And in some cases, even after all that, transactions can fail to meet the buyer’s expectations and never […]

Geode CMO: 7 Steps for Mental Health Startups to Regain Trust

Digital mental health is booming. Declining social stigma and the dramatic increase in demand of recent years have collided head on with the high barriers people have always faced when seeking traditional, in-person care. Given such a fundamental disconnect between supply and demand, private investors have been quick to seize the opportunity for innovation, as […]

Proven Models Help Behavioral Health Operators Overcome Carve-Out, Data-Sharing Challenges in VBC

The road to value-based care (VBC) contracting in the behavioral health sector is slow moving. In order for VBC to evolve in the behavioral health sector, both payers and providers need a seat at the table. Operators provide clinical expertise and troves of data about the patient experience. And these assets could put providers in […]

Geode CMO: Behavioral Health Industry Consensus Critical to Advancing Value-Based Care

The conversation around outcomes data for behavioral health is decades old. But new advancements in data collection and interest in value-based care is bringing outcomes to the forefront. “Clinical outcomes are difficult in all of health care,” Dr. Ravi Shah, chief medical officer of Geode Health, told Behavioral Health Business. “I think it’s especially difficult […]

Why 2022 Will be the Year of M&A for Digital Mental Health

Following a blockbuster year for digital mental health care investment in 2021, the pressure is on to go big and bold. There have already been a few game-changing acquisitions in the space — the earliest and most defining is the merger of Ginger and Headspace, which created a $3 billion company called Headspace Health during […]

Behavioral Health C-Suite 2022 Outlook: Payors Will Demand Quality Outcomes, Traditional Providers to Bridge Gap Between In-Person and Virtual

The year 2021 was defined by the many struggles that organizations had largely foisted on them directly or indirectly by the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic. But many providers learned how to adapt to the new normal and began to tackle the even bigger challenges that a changing industry leveled on behavioral health […]