Acadia Begins Construction on Florida JV; Ideal Option Opens New MAT Clinic

Ideal Option opens new MAT clinic 

Outpatient addiction treatment provider Ideal Option opened a new clinic in Great Falls, Montanna.

The new clinic will provide buprenorphine-based medication-assisted-treatment (MAT) to individuals with substance use disorder (SUD). The American Rescue Plan Act partly funded the new clinic.

“The grant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act allows us to increase access to treatment in Great Falls for those who may have fallen victim to addiction due to the social isolation, economic hardship, and emotional distress of the pandemic,” Katie Olson, development manager and epidemiologist at Ideal Option, said in a statement. “Expanding our life-saving services by way of a larger clinic and increased staff capacity means we can now see up to 70 patients per day.”


Kennewick, Washington-based Ideal Option is an outpatient SUD provider that treats heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol and polysubstance use. It has more than 85 office-based MAT clinicians across nine states. The provider accepts Medicaid, Medicare and other types of insurance.

Acadia, Orlando Health begins construction on JV 

Acadia (NASDAQ: ACHC) and Orlando Health started construction on a new 144-bed joint venture. The new facility is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2025.

The Florida-based behavioral health hospital will offer services to adults, seniors, children and adolescents with behavioral health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. 


“This hospital will expand Orlando Health’s existing capabilities and provide greater access to life-saving behavioral health services,” Chris Hunter, CEO of Acadia Healthcare, said in a statement. “We are so proud to be affiliated with Orlando Health, and we look forward to the opportunity to work together to address a vital and growing need in central Florida. This hospital will extend Orlando Health’s legacy of providing quality behavioral health services to their patients.”

Orlando Health plans to transfer its inpatient behavioral health services from its South Seminole Hospital Campus to the new facility in 2025.

Acadia Healthcare is a behavioral health provider with more than 253 facilities and roughly 11,100 beds across 39 states.

Silver Hill opens new ketamine program 

Psychiatric hospital Silver Hill Hospital opened its new Ketamine Treatment Program. The new program is for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

“There’s a growing body of research demonstrating ketamine’s ability to alleviate symptoms of depression, and the patients we’ve worked with are experiencing the benefits in the form of decreased negative thinking and improved mood, sometimes after just a few sessions,” Dr. William Prueitt, director of the Ketamine Treatment Program at Silver Hill, said in a statement. “Ketamine works differently than other antidepressants and is often effective for patients that have not improved with other medications.”

The new program is geared towards patients who are 18 and over and who have tried at least two prior antidepressant medications to treat their condition. Patients in the program receive personalized treatment plans and a “structured course” of ketamine infusions.

Connecticut-based Silver Hill Hospital is a behavioral health hospital. It has 21 full-time psychiatrists and cares for people with mental health conditions and SUDs.

Lighthouse Autism Centers opens new location in Nebraska 

Lighthouse Autism Centers has announced that it will open a new location in Lincoln, Nebraska. The provider offers applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, speech therapy, autism diagnosis testing, virtual parent training and pe-academic learning.

The new location, which will open this summer, is expected to serve 30 families and create 45 jobs in the area.

“LAC is very excited to bring our high-quality services to the state of Nebraska,” Leila Allen, Chief Clinical & Compliance Officer of Lighthouse Autism Center, said in a statement. “We are incredibly passionate about what we do, supporting our communities, and helping our learners to achieve as much independence as possible. We look forward to working with families and others in Nebraska to bring awareness to autism and the support that our families deserve to live their best lives.”

Lighthouse has locations in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.

Oaklawn opens a new crisis center 

Behavioral health provider Oaklawn is opening a new crisis center in South Bend, Indiana. The new facility is open 24/7 and is staffed with behavioral health professionals.

The facility is designed to care for patients with emergency mental health and substance use disorder needs. The facility is slated to open on March 4, according to ABC57.

Indiana-based Oaklawn provides addiction services, adult services, child and adolescent services, child residential services, crisis services and housing and homeless outreach. It has four locations across the state of Indiana.

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